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Wine Review: Gewürztraminer 'Les Princes Abbés' 2018 Domaines Schlumberger

Quick Facts:

- Off-dry white wine with aromatic flavours

- Great for spicy dishes

- £17.99 from Majestic


As we battle through our third lockdown in the UK, it is increasingly important to look for wines that will go well with a takeaway! That is certainly the case with this Gewürztraminer, which pairs incredibly well with slightly spicy Asian-style dishes, due to the touch of residual sugar.

Alsace is often prominently associated with its Riesling. However, I truly believe that Gewürztraminer can be an overlooked hero of the region, being the third most produced grape there. Overflowing with aromatic character, my glass tasted of rose petals, lychee, nectarine and ginger. The off-dry finish was long, retaining its refreshing abilities. This is an absolute must-try for those who want to push their comfort zones and practice their food pairing skills.

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