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Wine Review: Soave, Vigneto Runcata, Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe, 2018

Quick facts:

- Soave Superiore, Veneto

- Rich and refreshing

- £22.50 from Decorum Vintners


It was a pleasure to open this Soave Superiore, Runcata, 2018.

A wine that not only delivers complexity, a gently rich, rounded mouthfeel and an impressively long finish, but all of that alongside a refreshing acidity that makes it ideal for either pairing with food or drinking all by itself.

In terms of flavours, this is packed with peaches and grapefruit, as well as hay and delicate white blossom overtones.

This bottle is a true staple of mine, adored by wine professionals and my non-wine-obsessed friends alike.

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